Meet the Team: 15U Softball Royals

Player: Elesia Zarzoza

  • TEAM: 15U Softball Royals
  • TIME with RBI: First season
  • WALK-UP SONG: This is how we do it
  • SCHOOL: Westwood (Round Rock)
  • COLLEGE DREAMS: Do you want to go to college? Where? What do you want to study? I want to go to Texas State and study abroad in Barcelona. I want to double major in Dance Education and Business Management so I can own my own dance studio.
  • FAVORITE SOFTBALL MEMORY: I got to meet my best friend, #12, through RBI. She’s really close with my cousin so if she’s close with my family then she’s close with me.
  • SEASON GOALS: What are you looking most forward to this season? I’m looking forward to getting to the championship with some of the best people I know.


Parent: Stacie Cooks

  • RBI KIDS: One daughter, Elesia, is 15 years old. 
  • TIME with RBI: This is our first year playing with RBI. Her cousin has been playing for RBI for about 5 years and she wanted to join her.
  • PROGRAM VALUE: What do you think your child gains the most from playing with RBI? Sense of community and being able to fit in which isn’t always easy at 15. She’s enjoying just being on a team and the girls she plays with are like her family. The coaches really look out for her and she feels like she can trust them.
  • PROUD PARENT: Tell us about a time you were most proud of Elesia.  I’m most proud when I see her participating on a team. I think all of us should be working together for the greater good, so being on a team really helps because they’re all separate parts working together. Renee has a huge heart and being on a team really brings that out.
  • BEING A SOFTBALL PARENT: What’s the hardest part about being a baseball/softball parent? The hardest part is helping my daughter identify healthy ways to respond when the team doesn’t do well or when she feels she didn’t do well. It’s hard to see your child upset. Being able to cope with loss and framing it in a constructive way has been the hardest but is a good life skill.
  • GAMEDAY MUST-HAVE: What’s something you always have to have with you when you’re watching a game? It’s only my second game, so I’m learning, but I’d say some type of sun-protection, a lawn chair so I can move my seat to the shade, and snacks since I’m coming straight from work to the game.


Coach: Kentrell Thomas

  • TIME with RBI: This is my third season.
  • FAVORITE RBI MEMORY: My kids’ first season playing with RBI was also the first time they played organized baseball/softball. They won the championship that year.
  • PROGRAM VALUE: What do you think players and/or families gain the most from being involved with RBI? Meeting new friends, meeting new people, having fun, learning the game, and being shown that people care about them.
  • PERSONAL VALUE: What experiences that you’ve gained from being involved with RBI do you value the most? Learning the game. Really learning the game and learning how I can use what I know to help the kids. If I can help one, I’ve helped a lot.
  • BACKGROUND: Tell us about yourself. Did you play sports growing up?
    I’m from New Orleans. I played football and baseball but mostly I was in the band. I played trombone. The reason I got involved with RBI is my kids. I’m more of a fan but if I can help with coaching, why not? I also head coach a t-ball team that my youngest daughter is on. I have three kids: a 15-year-old, a 13-year-old, and a 5-year-old.