2018 — What a year the Lord has fashioned this one to be! Thanks for being a part of it!

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Equipment, uniforms, travel, registration fees, private lessons — the cost of playing youth sports today has increased drastically.  

In today’s youth sports landscape, if you want to compete, you must have resources. 

So it’s no wonder that money is the largest indicator of whether or not a child is going to be physically active or play team sports.


Because of your faithful support, youth sports do not look the same within RBI Austin as they do elsewhere. Youth sports in Austin are different now that more kids — across ages, skill levels, and family situations — have access to both sports and positive, consistent relationships through our Christian-based programs. 

Three Ways You’re Changing the Landscape of Youth Sports in Austin

See three very specific ways that your continued investment has helped change the youth sports landscape in our city. 

  1. More Ages – With your support, over the past eight years, RBI Austin has been building our age group offerings so that more kids can participate in a quality, relationship-centered sports program.   Today, from ages 4-18, kids of all skill and income levels have a place to play baseball and softball alongside positive, consistent coaches.
  2. More Skill Levels -Early on, RBI Austin consisted mostly of beginners to the sport. We now also are an ideal home for more advanced players to develop. This wouldn’t be possible without investment from our volunteers and donors who seek to provide a quality sports program at an affordable rate for families at any income level.
  3. All Types of Families – Since 2011, the disparity in team sports participation between kids from low-income and middle class homes has grown drastically. During that same timeframe, RBI Austin –  consisting of 97% low-income households – has grown from 118 kids in 2011 to over 1,200 kids playing baseball and softball in 2018.

You are providing the opportunity for kids from all ages, skill levels, and family types to play the game and most importantly, to benefit from the life-giving relational support structure that team sports can offer.

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