New School Year, Same Focus

As the season shifts from summer to fall, we’re all breathing a little easier, falling back into normal rhythms, and getting excited about all the Lord has in store for this new season!

With the start of a new school year, we’re dreaming big dreams for our RBI Austin kiddos and praying the Lord continues to use the RBI Mentoring Program to develop our mentees into the future leaders of their communities.

Something to celebrate!

With your help, during the 2016-2017 school year, we matched 84% of the eligible Oak Springs Elementary 4th graders with a committed mentor, bringing us to a total of 26 matches for the class of 2025. That’s something to celebrate!

With 85 total mentor matches to date, we’re excited to continue to see our mentoring program grow with the class of 2026.

Be one of our FIRST mentors for the class of 2026!

If you are interested in being a mentor, sign up to be one of our FIRST mentors for the class of 2026!!

Contact our Lead Mentor Coordinator, Bitia Buenrostro at

New Staff Mentor Coordinator 

The last couple of years the Lord has grown our mentoring program in many ways, and we are excited to introduce to you RBI Austin’s newest staff member – Andy Garcia!

We are thankful to have Andy on board as Mentor Coordinator to help shepherd our male mentors and mentees as well as help with general operations of our program.

Andy grew up in San Luis Potosí, México and Weslaco, TX, is fluent in both Spanish and English, loves food, and enjoys running. He attends the Church of the Violet Crown in East Austin, where he serves in audio editing/production as well as in their worship team.

Join us in welcoming Andy to our team!