2018 — What a year the Lord has fashioned this one to be! Thanks for being a part of it! Take a look through the pages below to explore all that your impact has done in 2018.
Programs don’t change lives. Relationships change lives.
The greatest need for any child is consistent, enduring relationships.
Relationships with people. And a relationship with God.
Through your support, the landscape of youth sports in Austin is feeling the ripple effects of an organization that prioritizes relationships over programs.

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You support programs that are more than programs — programs that exist for the people who participate in them. You’re supporting life-changing relationships among our 1,312 kids and 518 volunteers.

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WHO: You’re Positively Impacting Kids Across Ages, Skill Levels, and Family Types in Austin

You’re making baseball and softball (and year-round relationships!) affordable and accessible for all youth in Austin — regardless of their age, their skill level, or their family life. 

You are playing a part in changing the landscape of youth sports in Austin. With your help, youth sports do not look the same within RBI Austin as they do elsewhere.

Youth sports in Austin are different now that more kids — across ages, skill levels, and family situations — have access to both sports and positive, consistent relationships through our Christian-based programs.

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HOW: Your Impact In Action In 2018

We’re celebrating three major things that the Lord accomplished in 2018 through your investment in RBI Austin.

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Thank you for being a part of our growing RBI Austin family. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

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