New rule, new bats

New rule, new bats required

Anyone else feel like a little kid at Christmastime when they get something brand new? The newest iPhone, a new pair of shoes, a new gadget?

In light of the new USA Baseball bat regulations and as part of next week’s Amplify Austin, we need your help to provide one NEW bat to each of our 81 RBI Austin teams.

Not only will this provide a regulation bat for each team, it will also give our kids the joy and excitement of using a BRAND NEW bat — many for the first time!

Every $200 will provide a brand new bat for RBI Austin kids.

81 teams x $200 = $16,200 total need. 

Help us get there! No donation amount is too small.

Go ahead and schedule your gift TODAY

How to participate:

While Amplify Austin’s 24-hour clock does not start until next Thursday, March 1st at 6pm, you can schedule your gift TODAY — just click “Donate Now” on our Amplify Austin giving page.