RBI Austin Spotlight: 10U Baseball Cubs

You know what time it is!

Meet this week’s spotlights: Blaise, Ricky, and Travis from the 10U Baseball Cubs!

Travis and Blaise have been a part of the RBI Austin family for 3 years now and have experienced the “comradery” that the game of baseball provides.

Coach Ricky mentions that the kids are what made him come back for his 2nd summer coaching. See more below!

Blaise Kizer

9 yrs old
10U Baseball Cubs
3rd Year with RBI Austin

Q: How long have you been playing with RBI Austin?

Blaise: This is my 3rd year! I started playing when I was in t-ball.

Q: What keeps you coming back?

Blaise: I like the game of baseball, it makes me happy. Every year I get to learn more and get better and better.

Q: What do you hope to learn this year?

Blaise: I want to get better at catching and hopefully hit more balls.

Q: What is something that you learned from your coach or teammates?

Blaise: I learned to hit, catch, and to always have fun!

Q: Who is one person that’s influenced your life the most?

Blaise: My coaches and parents. My parents always take me to baseball, and my coaches are always pushing me to be better.

Q: Why do you think its important to be on a team sport?

Blaise: I think it’s important so that you can make friends and have fun.

Ricky Epps

10U Baseball Cubs Coach
2nd year with RBI Austin

Q: How long have you been coaching for RBI?

Ricky: This is my second year coaching. I returned this year because I love the kids. They make my life a little bit better. They bring joy in my life a lot. When I’m stressed out they make me more happy.

Q: What made you decide to coach last year?

Ricky: I had a lot of opportunities when I was younger to play, so I don’t want to waste my talent. I want to teach these young boys how to play baseball. I played when I was younger, and my dad played major league baseball for the Cincinnati Reds.

Q: Who is the biggest influence on your life?

Ricky: My wife and my kids. They are the ones who make me enjoy life in the morning. I was never a morning person until I married my wife. They make my life perfect.

Q: What is the best part about coaching the 10U Cubs?

Ricky: They are coachable. They listen. They learn. It’s “yes sir/no sir” on the field. They are very disciplined and show up to practice and games. We don’t have to do a lot of yelling at these kids. We aren’t lacking much. I coached six of these kids last year, so I decided to coach 10U baseball this season to stick with them.

Q: How do think baseball betters the player #BeyondtheField?

Ricky: Baseball teaches discipline and respect. It teaches you how to grow. It teaches you the world of life. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you don’t fail. Some things are going to be easy, and some things are going to be hard.

Travis Kizer

Father of Blaise Kizer
10U Baseball Cubs
3rd year with RBI Austin

Q: Since you are a returning RBI Austin parent, what keeps you enrolling Blaise?

Travis: He keeps wanting to play and he has played with several of the RBI kids for years.

Q: What is one thing you hope Blaise will learn, whether it is baseball skills or non-baseball skills?

Travis: I hope that he continues to keep playing well, and I hope that the team keeps building and getting to know each other better so that they have that comradery.

Q: What is your favorite thing about having Blaise play baseball?

Travis: I love watching him play and I love that he loves it!

Q: Why do you think it’s important about having team sports?

Travis: It builds comradery and a unique community. Even as a whole, RBI Austin has a baseball community. I recognize players and parents on several other teams.