A New Appreciation for the Game

As Aidan Martinez looked onto the field and watched the baseball game, he smiled. This time it was different; he wasn’t a player like he has been since he was seven years old or even a coach, which he was able to do for a season when he was injured. This time, he was an intern for RBI Austin, yet despite the different role, he still was able to see and experience himself the great joy the game of baseball game could bring.

Martinez grew up in Buda, TX, just a 15-minute drive south of Austin down I-35. Attending Hays High School, it wasn’t until he was 17-years-old when he got involved with RBI Austin, but he said he fell in love once he did.

 A World-Series Experience

His love and dedication to his RBI Austin team led them to find success on the field. This dedication eventually led to participating in the RBI Southwest Regional Tournament in 2018, where they faced a talented Houston RBI team. After losing by a large margin the previous year to the same squad, Martinez and his teammates were determined to not let history repeat itself, and they did just that.

“Winning that game to go to the World Series and having that dogpile on the mound, that will always be my favorite memory with RBI because of how close that team was, how bad we wanted to accomplish [going the 2018 RBI World Series], and how close we were to doing it that previous year,” Martinez said. “That will definitely be my favorite moment.”

More Than the Game

Despite all of the great memories and success on the field for Martinez, that was not what has stuck with him the most throughout his time with RBI Austin. There was an atmosphere of care and compassion that made the organization so unique for him.

“Mark [Price] was the head coach that you knew was going to get onto you, but he loved you and cared for you, so he was always there and always had your back,” Martinez said. “He held us to a high standard, but you just knew he cared. Watching that and watching the coaching staff around us, they all cared for us and wanted to be around us, they gave us that team feeling.”


A Culture You Can Get Behind

The culture of RBI Austin drew Martinez to continue to be involved throughout his high school career, even when he had a season-ending Tommy John surgery his senior season. That season, Price and the RBI staff brought him on as a coach, allowing him to see more of what RBI looks like behind the scenes, influencing far more than just that season for him.

“Being able to coach led me to this role as an intern,’ Martinez said. “I remember last year’s World Series when I got to coach. I also got to see how Major League Baseball (MLB) runs RBI from a national level, and that was something that caught my attention. I’m definitely interested in working for them in that area. My big dream now is to work with MLB through their RBI program.” 

A Team Player This Summer

Aidan Martinez, RBI Austin alum, played a vital role in creating virtual content to keep kids engaged and active when in-person activities were canceled. Here he’s helping shoot a virtual drill series. 

The Joy of Giving Back

Martinez is currently a Summer Operations Coordinator for RBI Austin, and he sees the value in helping younger kids experience the same life-changing care and love from RBI Austin that he experienced as a player.

“My favorite part of the internship has been getting to hang out with the kids and see how much fun they are having playing the game,” Martinez said. “For me, I had my time at RBI and I enjoyed it, and now I can give that same experience to younger kids. I’ve always talked about leaving a place better than you found it, and that’s what I’m trying to do with RBI Austin. It’s just fun being able to give back.”

Learn More About RBI Austin Internships

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