Meet Greg Galindo, RBI Austin volunteer extraordinaire! 

Greg has faithfully served with us since 2013. He’s a mentor, a coach, and a member of the RBI Austin Board of Directors. 

His 9-year-old son Isaiah plays in our summer leagues, and together with his wife Zaundra, they attend many RBI Austin family events. Greg shows us that you can faithfully be a husband and a father and serve your city through volunteering.

Whenever we run into Greg, he is always kind, always makes you feel included, and he truly embodies our core value of Excellence.

Let’s get to know Greg a little more and see how he views serving with RBI Austin as a way to live out his God-given purpose in life. 

Javion, Greg, and Isaiah hanging out at the trampoline park.
Meet Greg! Javion (Greg’s mentee), Greg, and Isaiah (Greg’s son) spend quite a bit of time just doing life together.

I first heard about RBI Austin in 2013 at my church [The Austin Stone Community Church]. There was an announcement that this Christian nonprofit organization was looking for mentors and coaches. 

They said it involved (1) mentoring, (2) baseball, and (3) a Christ-centered mission. 

I said, “Where do I sign up?”. 

Why RBI Austin was a “Fit”

I grew up in a baseball family. My dad played college ball, and I played all my life…and I still do. I know how much the game can build character and shape kids. It has the ability to mold kids into “team players” and pushes them to see the greater, bigger good. It teaches you skills well beyond the field — skills you can apply to everyday life.

This, combined with the opportunity to serve my community alongside an organization who’s mission is rooted in the Bible, is why RBI Austin felt like the perfect fit to practically live out the calling God has put on my life.

Javion and Isaiah smile after one of Javion's summer league baseball games at the RBI Austin ballpark.
Summers spent together at the RBI Austin ballpark!

How to “Make It All Work”

As a husband, father, and business owner, life is busy. While I enjoy staying active, one practical way that I’ve been able to serve with RBI Austin for the past six years is that I incorporate it into my family life as much as possible. 

Together, we attend events, games, and volunteer opportunities, so it feels as much like a family function as it does my personal responsibility. It’s been fun to see Isaiah (my son) and Javion (my mentee) become good friends over time. 

Javion and Isaiah pose for a beach-front picture.

Getting in the Fight

My fitness business, Good Fight Fitness, was founded on the Bible verses from 1 Timothy 6:12 and 2 Timothy 4:7 – fighting the good fight of faith. 

These verses are a constant reminder that life is fleeting and our purpose while on earth is to follow God’s eternal calling. What does He call us to do? To love their neighbor, to keep the faith, and to finish the race.  

The Good Fight

Mentoring with RBI Austin has certainly had its challenges. However, they are challenges worth facing and pressing into. It’s been difficult to face situations where I cannot control the outcome, like certain family or home life of my mentee.

I’ve had to trust God more. 

Trusting God being in control has been humbling, but it’s also rewarding.

Watching my mentee grow, mature, thrive, and trust has been such a beautiful blessing. It truly takes a village to raise up kids, and I am very grateful God has provided that in his life through relationships formed through RBI Austin. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in learning more about ways to volunteer? Check out our volunteer opportunities or attend an upcoming volunteer orientation!

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7