Home Run Vendors

As we are wrapping up the last official days of “summer,” we’re reflecting back on what Summer 2020 held.

This summer season was one of many uncertainties, trials, and hard decisions, yet it was one filled with support, comradery, and resilience.

As soon as we got word from the Governor that youth sports programs were able to function in-person, we developed health safety protocols that ensured that our players and their families would be as safe as possible.

With the creation of those protocols, we needed help to put the season on as planned. Today, we want to highlight three gracious vendors who stepped in and provided much-needed services to make our summer happen as safely as possible.

H-E-B: Keeping Us Germ-Free!

HEB Plus! provided RBI Austin with free disinfectant spray for our helmets, bats, equipment. With their generous gift, our players and coaches were able to safely use their baseball and softball equipment.

Capital Printing: Helping Us Stay Informed at the Ball Fields

Capital Printing speedily printed all of our field health & safety signage to ensure that family members and their players knew our requirements in order to prevent any spread of the virus.

Darling Promo: Masking Us Up in Style

Finally, Darling Promo stepped up in a big way as they fast-tracked our request for RBI-branded face masks. They also printed our team sponsor jerseys to represent some of our awesome donors and supporters.

“Darling Promo is honored to partner with RBI Austin, as we believe strongly in the mission of the organization,” said Jancy Darling, President of Darling Promo. 

“We realize the positive impact RBI Austin has in the players’ lives; when teaching life skills and faith through sports, and also in the impact the organization has on the players’ families and others in the community. We have witnessed how RBI Austin is like an extended family to its participants, with the relationships and impacts being realized far beyond the fence. We always keep this in the forefront of our minds when providing goods and services to RBI Austin, and do what we can to help out financially.”

These three vendors graciously gave to allow our season, albeit short, to continue on, and we are so thankful for each of them. Team work makes the dream work, folks!