Meet the Team: 10U Baseball Royals

Player: Marlin

  • TEAM: 10U Baseball Royals
  • TIME with RBI: First season
  • SCHOOL: Menchaca Elementary. I was in 5th grade, about to go to 6th.
  • CAREER DREAMS: What do you want to be when you grow up? Probably a doctor or something.
  • LOVE OF THE GAME: What’s your favorite part about playing baseball? Just having fun, yeah.
  • FAVORITE POSITION: Pitcher. But I play other positions.
  • FAVORITE PLAYER: Who is your favorite baseball player? Of course, Babe Ruth. 

Parent: Tommy

  • RBI KIDS: One son, Marlin.
  • TIME with RBI: This is our first season.
  • PERSONAL VALUE: What do you think Marlin gains the most from being involved with RBI off of the ball field? He’s learned camaraderie and developed some friendships and some basic skill sets like discipline. 
  • PROGRAM VALUE: As a parent, what do you like most about being involved with RBI? I like how RBI is set up. This is our first year, and I think it’s a great organization with what y’all are doing with the mentorship — and of course the home runs!
  • BASEBALL PARENT: What’s the hardest part about being a baseball parent? The heat! The summer heat!
  • GAMEDAY MUST-HAVE: What is something you have to have with you when you are watching a game? I always have to have my smartphone for the snap shots!

Coach: Kyle

  • TIME with RBI: This is my fourth season with RBI.
  • BACKGROUND: Did you play sports growing up?Yes. I played football, basketball, baseball, soccer growing up.
  • FAVORITE RBI MEMORY: Do you have a favorite RBI memory so far? Probably two years ago, we were on this same field for the 3rd place game and it went into extra innings. One of our kids hit the game winning home run — his name was Angel.
  • PARENTS and PLAYERS: What do you think families and players gain the most from being involved with RBI? RBI Austin is a great, positive, encouraging environment. RBI Austin is very beginner-friendly for baseball, but players also have many good, positive influences from the coaches and volunteer staff. It’s a good place to come in the summer.
  • PROGRAM VALUE: What do you think you gain from being involved with RBI? If I ever leave Austin — no matter what I was doing work-wise — I will look back on my time with RBI and that’ll be what I miss the most. It’s very rewarding. It’s a lot of time, but it’s time well spent. I’ve gotten to know these kids for 4 years and it’s great.