Quotes from the Stands

This summer was a short, yet meaningful one. We were able to connect players and coaches, hold practices and games, cultivate existing relationships among teams, and establish some new ones too!

Even though the season was cut short due to the City of Austin field closures, it still meant the world to the kids and their families to have the opportunity to get out on the ball field for a few weeks. Here are a few quotes from our RBI Austin parents:

This short season was a great outlet for my teen and very, very important. Being able to socialize in a safe space and following health safety guidelines meant the world to myself and my family.

Parent, RBI Austin

It was very meaningful to play this summer and helped the kids a ton. I began to think my kids were getting depressed because of COVID-19, but interacting again safely with their peers brought tons of smiles to their faces. I loved seeing them have fun on the field.

Parent, RBI Austin

This season gave our child some time of normalcy. So thankful for it. Wish it could have gone on longer. Well done during the unknown. So glad you tried to push forward.

Parent, RBI Austin

It was a real gift to my son to be able to get out and play again with COVID-19 restricting most everything else for him. Thank you so much for giving this a try and giving us at least a few weeks of baseball! 

The level of coaching, players and competition was fantastic and a great challenge for my son. I also enjoyed the level of organization, the friendly staff and the opportunity to play ball.


Parent, RBI Austin

Your Favorite Summer Moment

Even though this summer certainly had its challenges, there was so much good happened. What was your favorite part? We’d love to hear it!