RBI Austin Spotlight: 16U Softball Rangers

Our RBI Austin Spotlights are back!

Every week during the summer season, we spotlight a player, coach, and parent in our summer league. Spotlight players exemplify sportsmanship, character, hustle, and coachability. Spotlight coaches are consistent, prepared, humble, and spirited. Spotlight parents are encouraging, supportive, present, and devoted.

Our spotlights this week represent what RBI is all about. We seek to go beyond the field to develop and transform the kids in our program so that they can be the change in their communities. We are pleased to announce our spotlights for this week below:

Juliana Lopez
15 yrs old
16U Softball Rangers
1st year with RBI Austin

Q: With this being your first season with RBI Austin, what do you hope to learn this season from your coach or teammates?

Juliana: “I’m a new player. I just want to get better as a player, and with the extra practices and games, I feel like I can achieve that.”

Q: Who has influenced you the most in your life?

Juliana: “The person who has influenced me most is my dad because he is always there for me. Always at every game, pushing me to do my best.”

Q: What’s the best part about playing baseball/softball? What do you look forward to about playing for your RBI team?

Juliana: “What I look forward to each week is getting better as an individual and as a team. It is a team effort so if we work hard together then we can take on any win.”

Mariah Alderman

16U Softball Rangers Coach
1st year with RBI Austin

Q: With this being your first RBI Austin season coaching, why did you decide to coach this year?

Mariah: “I am a new coach, and I decided to coach because I love softball and I love Jesus.”

Q: Who has influenced your life the most?

Mariah: “My young life leader from high school, Hillary Brenner.”

Q: What’s the best part about coaching? Is there anything in particular that you look forward to during the week about getting to coach?

Mariah: “Softball is just great to be around. It’s an all-around thing, because softball includes girls. I miss playing it so much, and it’s fun to see the girls get to live their glory days.”


Jerry Lopez

Father of Juliana Lopez
16U Softball Rangers
1st year with RBI Austin

Q: Why did you decide to enroll your child in RBI baseball/softball this summer? What do you hope they will learn besides baseball/softball skills?

Jerry: “We got the info from her coach at Akins high school, and she’s [Juliana] the one who told me about it so she [Juliana] wanted to come play this summer, to keep her skills and get ready for next year. Basically, I hope she learns friendship and teamwork because she needs a little more of that. And hopefully, the skills she’s learning here are making her a better player.  RBI builds them up and gets them ready for the next level.”

Q: What is your favorite part about having your kids participate in RBI?

Jerry: “My favorite part is to see her have fun out here with all the girls and you know, pick up her teammates and all that. Friendship is a major key.”