“I’m so proud of this kid. You have no idea.”

Coach Rick, 8U Coach Pitch Brewers

“Cory was at every game — always with a smile on his face, always giving his best.” 

Eight-year-old Cory, who is deaf, had never played organized sports.

Cory jumped right into the baseball life!

“If I’m being honest, I was very hesitant to sign Cory up to play,” shared Jasmine, Cory’s mother. “He had never played any sport before, and I was worried about what it would be like for him. I was concerned he would be isolated, shunned, or treated with a ‘We’ll put him in when we can’ mentality from his coaches.”

“Not a lot of people have patience for a child who is deaf or who has special needs, but that was not the case with Coach Rick and Coach Nick. They were amazing with Cory. They were patient. They didn’t treat him differently. They learned simple signs to communicate with him. I was blown away.”

“I am so grateful for the opportunity RBI Austin gave my son to be part of a team. We’re so grateful for Cory’s coaches who were not just coaches, but mentors and role models. We’re planning to take everything they taught us and continue on with the game of baseball.”

What a season for the 8U Coach Pitch Brewers!

You’re playing a part in providing a sense of belonging

Thanks to your support, RBI Austin is a community that welcomes all kids from all backgrounds — not just from different socioeconomic statuses, racial identities, or ethnicities, but also kids with a range of abilities and needs — and gives them confidence, hope, and a sense of belonging. 

Thanks to your support, Cory experienced a sense of belonging this year that he had never known before. Teammates who befriended him. Fans who cheered for him. Coaches who believed in him.

Through your support, Cory and 1,490 other RBI Austin kids experienced what every kid yearns for and desperately needs… Belonging.

Continue your support in 2020

However, there is still an incredible need to invest more deeply in the lives of our 1,491 RBI Austin kids. 

With your help, RBI Austin kids will be engaged and developed in 2020 at a deeper level than ever before through:

  • A Bible-based youth development curriculum for every RBI Austin team
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) training for RBI Austin staff, coaches, and mentors
  • Deepened investment in our off-the-field mentoring programs for all RBI Austin kids

To provide the needed curriculum, training, and leadership for this increased investment in RBI Austin kids in 2020, we need to raise $116,526 by December 31st. 

You can give online at www.rbiaustin.org/give or mail a check to: RBI Austin, 313 E. Anderson Lane, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78752

Thank you for believing in RBI Austin and providing our 1,491 kids  a sense of belonging. Thank you for believing in kids like Cory.

We’re grateful to have you on our team!