Announcing The First 50

As many of you know, RBI Austin’s mission is mentoring. We use baseball and softball to do mentoring, and we’ve started our own mentor match program called RBI Mentoring.

Through RBI Mentoring, we’re inviting people – you! – to be trained by us and matched with an East Austin fourth grader, walking alongside that fourth grader until he or she graduates high school.

Become a Mentor

The first 35 people have already stepped up to become RBI mentors. Praise God! We’re praying for God to raise up 15 more mentors. These First 50 mentors will lay the foundation for our vision of 1,000 mentors in 20 years. (Yes, 1,000 mentors in 20 years!)

Check out more about The First 50 here!

Please join us in praying for God to start this mentoring movement in East Austin.

You’ll hear more about The First 50 soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out Director Matt Price’s First 50 announcement below:

Visit www.rbiaustin.org/mentoring to learn more, and check out more of what’s to come with The First 50.