#03: Top Coaching Apps

With summer season underway, and teams getting into the routine of practice and games, you may be looking for some ways to stay organized and to better help develop your baseball and softball players. Below are a few of our favorite coaching apps.

#1 Game Changer

Our first app suggestion is one that is already being used by numerous RBI coaches. In the words of Jason Kile, RBI’s management intern who has spent countless hours getting acclimated with the game changer app,

“The Game Changer app allows you to set your team rosters, lineups, and schedules and see your players’ individual stats. In addition to this, you have the ability to send out messages to your “team community”, which is anyone that follows your team online (parents, players, volunteers, sponsors, etc.) The app also includes a function that allows you to set up schedules and practices. Game Changer’s main feature is to help scorekeep any game you want in a way that’s more convenient than keeping score by hand. Finally, the app also allows you to follow other teams if you’re interested in keeping up with league info.”


#2 USA Baseball Mobile Coach app (mentioned in RBI coaches training)

After downloading this app to try it out for ourselves, we can confirm that the USA Baseball Mobile Coach app is simple to use and easy to navigate. The app itself is free but a couple of the functions are limited until you create a USA Baseball account rather than signing in as a guest. The USA Baseball Mobile Coaching app includes skill modules, practice plans, drills, and strength and conditioning workouts. A plethora of USA Baseball approved drills and practice plans exist within the app but users also have the ability to add their own drills and assemble practice plans from scratch.

Finally, the app incorporates a Pitch Smart section which allows coaches to track their pitchers and their individual pitch counts. This includes Pitch Smart guidelines that explain what a player’s maximum number of pitches should be based on their age and how long players need to rest depending on how many pitches were thrown.

#3 Slow Motion Video Apps

Baseball and softball are fast-paced games. While there are significant periods of downtime, the action happens in a matter of seconds. Because of this, slow motion video apps can be extremely helpful as a means of analyzing pitching motions and bat swings. There are several apps that allow you to slow down videos, draw on individual frames, and calculate angles.

Without further ado, here are a couple highly recommended slow motion video apps:


Do you have any apps or resources that you have found extremely helpful as a coach? Let us know what’s worked well for you!