Humility. Program Management. Leadership. Time Management. Serving like Jesus. Delegation. Newly Found Interests. God’s Character. Marketing Tools. Conflict Resolution. Communication Skills. 

These are just a few of the hard and soft skills that our previous summer interns have shared that they gained from their time with RBI Austin. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to gain hands-on, real-world experience in sports management, nonprofit management, and/or communications and marketing, we’d love for you to consider applying for one of our summer internships. Read below to hear a few takeaways from some of our past interns and also to see about application details!

From our past interns

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: I learned a lot about how much effort and work has to happen behind the scenes to make an organization run. I had no idea how much it took to run a summer league this size. I now feel like I’m better prepared for other roles in life — not just in the workplace — because of the time management skills and people skills I had to learn to use during my summer internship.

TIME MANAGEMENT: With all of the different tasks and responsibilities during my management internship, I learned a lot about time management and also how to work with other people.

GOD’S CHARACTER: I’ve always considered myself a Christian, but through some of the spiritual development opportunities available during my internship, I actually learned more about who Jesus is. I learned that God is not a God in some far off land, but He is real and present.

NEWLY FOUND INTERESTS: I learned new skills related to my major that I didn’t even know that I liked. As a communications intern, I had the opportunity to be in charge of some photography and content collection this summer. I didn’t really realize how much I enjoyed it until getting to practice and having it as one of my responsibilities.

MARKETING TOOLS: During my communications/marketing internship, I learned some significant marketing tools and systems that will help me moving forward in my school work and in future internship or job opportunities — tools that help making branded graphics, schedule social postings, and creating blog schedules.

ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY: A major takeaway that I gained during my RBI Austin internship was the importance of accepting responsibility. There were situations that arose where someone on our team dropped a ball or where a parent or coach was unhappy. Through my supervisor, I was taught that people respond much better to a mistake being made if someone takes responsibility for it. 

SERVING LIKE JESUS: I learned to serve like Jesus calls us to serve…with humility — Some of the summer responsibilities were not the most glamorous or exciting. But in order to make the summer program happen and to fulfill my responsibilities as part of the RBI Austin team, I had to suck it up and get it done. Jesus served those around him with humility and I really do think this is an invaluable thing I learned this summer — to serve those around me with humility.

DELEGATION: I really did feel like I was part of a team with the other RBI Austin interns, staff, and volunteer leaders. With this, I learned how to lean on my team and to delegate. All the tasks assigned to me where not necessarily mine to execute, but they were mine to get done, either myself or through delegation. I think this is huge in learning how to function in a professional work environment moving forward.

MORE THAN A RESUME BUILDER: I went into this summer thinking that this would mainly be another thing to add on my resume. However, with the amount of responsibility I was given, it was impossible to not grow in ways well beyond what I imagined. It was impossible not to fail and it was impossible not to learn. It wasn’t just another thing to add to my resume. It provided real, hands-on experience to make me a better future employee. 

Application Details

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