The Armor of God

Right now, it is abundantly clear that we can’t put a price on preparedness.

How prepared did you feel for this season? If you had the opportunity to prepare, what might you have done differently? Even then, how well can you truly prepare for the unknown?

This summer, our entire RBI Austin community is diving into the Armor of God as described in Ephesians 6:10-17. Join us!

Week 7: Sword of the Spirit

We live in a world where movies, tv shows, music, and other people tell us things that sound really good and like they must be true. However, when we compare these things with what the Bible says, these things aren’t really good for us at all.   

For example, sometimes we hear the message that happiness is found when you have a lot of money or many possessions. Satan, our enemy, tries to convince us that this lie is the truth. Yet, in fact, God is the ONLY one who can give us true happiness. Happiness is found in God’s love for us. 

Put it in Action  

  • Talk about the Sword of the Spirit and what truth means with your kids this week.
  • Remind kids that the Sword of the Spirit is the word of God, which can only be found in the Bible.
  • Remind kids of God’s truth that they are loved and special.
  • Play the Truth and a Lie Game: Someone says either a truth or a lie and the other person has to guess which one it is.

Week 6: Helmet of Salvation

Have you ever wondered why we wear helmets to play baseball and softball? We don’t wear them to play basketball or soccer or golf or tennis. Most people might guess that we wear helmets to protect our heads, and they would be right! Without a helmet, we could experience some powerful, harmful blows from a baseball or a softball. 

The Bible tells us that God has bought for us the helmet of Salvation through the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus. This helmet is a symbol of hope for those who believe in him and wait for his return.

Put it in Action 

Parents and guardians, here are some ways you can put this in action with your kids. This week, 

  • Ask your kids about activities that require a helmet for safety. Then ask what could happen if they didn’t wear a helmet for any of those activities. Examples:

    Football – in case someone tackles you

    Riding a bike – in case something/someone hit you  

    Rock climbing – in case you fell

  • Ask your kids if anyone has ever saved them from something. Examples might include falling into a pool and being saved by a lifeguard, tripping and having someone grab them or break their fall, or attempting to do something they weren’t supposed to do and someone reminding them of the consequences. Explain how this mirrors our salvation through Jesus.  

Week 5: Shield of Faith

When we hear the word “shield,” many of us might think of Captain America – the superhero who fights off his enemies using an impressive shield. 

In ancient wartime, Roman soldiers used their shields to make a turtle formation. This would provide collective protection from their enemies in all directions on the battlefield. Without it, the soldiers would not have survived for long, and ultimately, would not have won any battles. This particular fighting strategy illustrates how the soldiers depended on each other for safety. They knew that they could not win the battles against their enemies on their own, so they banded together. 

This concept can apply to our spiritual life today! As we put our faith in God, we can depend on others who also have faith to help protect us from our spiritual enemy: Satan. Taking up the shield of Faith enables us to pray for one another, to help each other in times of need, and to speak truth when doubts or frustrations arise. Without this shield, we can easily get distracted and lose sight in the battle.

We want to challenge our RBI Austin kids to take up the shield of Faith – not only for their own protection, but also for the protection of those around them! We are in this life together, and we need each other every step of the way. As we put our trust in God, individually and collectively, we become stronger and we are able to endure so much more!

Put it in Action 

Parents and guardians, here are some ways you can put this in action with your kids. This week,

  • Ask you kids to think about the functions of a glove in the game of baseball or softball. They could play without a glove, but what would happen if they did?
  • Play a short blindfold game to demonstrate what trust looks like. Blindfold you kid(s) and give simple instructions to walk around the house without running into anything, then ask them to sit down on the floor. Encourage them to trust that it is okay to sit simply because you told them to. Take off their blindfold(s) and explain how, in this manner, God wants us to live our lives fully trusting in him.
  • Practice the memory verse of the week at dinner or before bedtime.

Week 4: Sandals of the Gospel of Peace

During the days of Jesus, people wore sandals to make their feet ready for travel. Jesus was a messenger who walked many miles so that he could share the good news of the Gospel with others. This Gospel was a message of Peace. Now imagine if Jesus didn’t have sandals. Without them, it would have been difficult for him to share this message on foot, and ultimately, fulfill his purpose here on Earth.

Ephesians 6 calls us to ready our feet with the sandals of the Gospel of Peace. These sandals help equip us for the journey of life. Throughout this journey, we will encounter many people, places, and experiences that cause us to worry. Fortunately, if we have the proper protection that the Gospel of Peace provides, we will keep our footing and remain stable in the truth and knowledge of God. We will continue on the journey without fear.

Put it in Action 

Parents and guardians, here are some ways you can put this in action with your kids. This week,

  • Ask your kids what would happen if they ran to home base with no shoes on. With flip-flops? With tennis shoes? With cleats?
  • Ask them which shoes provide the best protection for the game. Explain how cleats provide the best grip, which helps them keep their footing and get to home base faster.
  • Ask your kids about their “highs” and “lows” of the week. Encourage them to put on the sandals of the Gospel of Peace so no matter what highs or lows they encounter, they can stand firm in God’s peace.
  • Here’s an example for T-ball kids: “What puts a smile on your face and makes you happy?” (high of the day/week) “What makes you frustrated, sad, or angry?” (low of the day/week)

Week 3: Breastplate of righteousness

The breastplate is a vital piece of a soldier’s armor. It protects the torso, which includes their chest and stomach area. This is a good thing because the torso protects some of our most important organs such as our heart and lungs.

As a solider prepares for battle, he or she must put on a breastplate to protect some of the most vulnerable parts of their body. Otherwise, they run the risk of serious, life-threatening injuries. 

Ephesians 6:14 calls us to put on the breastplate of Righteousness. Given what we know about breastplates, this piece of armor provides much-needed protection for our spiritual life.

Put it in Action 

Parents and guardians, here are some ways you can put this in action with your kids. This week,

  • Ask your kids about the catcher’s position. Ask questions like “Why does the catcher wear so much more gear than any other player on the field?”
  • Ask them to share what he or she might wear for protection (e.g., special catcher’s helmet, chest protector, leg protectors, etc.).
  • Explain how the best catchers are always alert and ready for whatever comes their way.
  • For smaller kids, explain how the bigger baseball and softball players wear a padded covering to protect their body, plus a few other pieces of equipment.

Week 2: Belt of Truth

In the Bible, the belt of Truth is where we store our knowledge of God. It is something we must remember to put on every day. Why? Because the enemy wants us to make bad choices and not serve God.

So how do we fight well? We learn important truths about God, choose to believe those truths, and keep them close to us. Here are some truths that we can wear on our belt every day:

  • Jesus Christ is God.
  • We are all sinners in need of a Savior (Jesus Christ).
  • Jesus died for our sins to save us so that we may live.
  • God forgives us when we ask for forgiveness.
  • Because of Jesus’s sacrificial love, we can love others well.

Put it in Action

Parents/guardians and coaches, here are some ways you can put this in action with your kids both on the field and at home. This week,

  • Ask your kids:
    • What tools a builder might have on a tool belt (e.g., a hammer, measuring tape, nails, etc.)?
    • To think about what challenges a builder might face if he or she did not have their tool belt handy?
  • Discuss with your kids:
    • A builder must carry their tools with them in order to do their job well.
    • The belt of Truth is like a tool belt (freely given by God) for the protection of our hearts and minds.
    • Share some of the truths it contains and why they are important.
  • Pray at the end of practice or before meals that your team/family would put on the belt of Truth this week! 

Introduction: Armor of God

We want to equip our RBI Austin kids to play and to win in life – no matter what comes their way. With the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, this is possible. In the Bible, we learn how we can truly equip ourselves to win… in the midst of the unknown and in the face of darkness. 

Each week, we will focus on a different piece of armor and the value it adds to our lives in the fight against internal and external darkness. Our prayer is that each piece would inspire confidence and a hope in Jesus Christ that lasts through eternity.  

Remember: In Christ, we are equipped for the battle; therefore, we are already winners!


Put it in Action: ON THE FIELD 

Coaches, here are some ways you can put this in action with your players. This week,

Ask your players what might happen if they played a game of baseball or softball without each of these pieces of equipment. Start if off a little silly to be engaging.

  • Missing your belt? Your pants might not stay up.
  • No jersey? Someone might think you’re on the other team.
  • What if you showed up in ballet shoes? Swimming flippers? High heels?

Ask your players what challenges they face during their day?

  • Siblings finished the milk at breakfast?
  • Forgot to do homework for school?
  • Friends were mean to you?

Ask if they had what they needed to handle that challenge? If not, what could they have done to be more prepared?

Encourage the parents to talk to their kids about the challenges of their day and ask God to give them the wisdom to handle those challenges according to His word.

Put it in Action: AT HOME 

Parents and guardians, here are some ways you can put this in action with your kids. This week, 

  • Invite your kids to think about a time when they were not prepared to take on a challenge. How did this make them feel? What was the outcome?
  • Practice the memory verse before bed with your kids.
  • Pray before meals that your family would put on the full armor of God.