Meet the Team: T-Ball Royals

Player: Kiyan

  • TEAM: T-Ball Royals
  • TIME with RBI: First season
  • SCHOOL: Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary
  • CAREER DREAMS: What do you want to be when you grow up? A Disney actor
  • LOVE OF THE GAME: What’s your favorite part about playing baseball? It’s awesome!
  • FAVORITE POSITION: Center field
  • FAVORITE PLAYER: Who is your favorite baseball player? The girl, Mo’ne Davis

 Parent: Amanda

  • RBI KIDS: One son, Kiyan.
  • TIME with RBI: This is our first season.
  • PERSONAL VALUE: What do you think Kiyan gains the most from being involved with RBI off of the ball field? The friendships and teamwork. 
  • BASEBALL PARENT: What’s the hardest part about being a baseball parent? The heat!
  • FAVORITE PART OF THE GAME: What is your favorite part of the game of baseball? Watching the kids play. They’re so cute!


Coach: Allie

  • TIME with RBI:This is my second year coaching with RBI! 
  • FAVORITE RBI MEMORY: Seeing some of our smallest players develop into kids that can throw, hit, and run super confidently.
  • PARENTS and PLAYERS: What do you think families and players gain the most from being involved with RBI? Community, friendship and just learning how to play sports. You learn a lot through team sports and parents get to grow as they get to watch their kids and learn from them. It can be very encouraging.
  • FAVORITE BASEBALL MEMORY: What’s your favorite baseball memory? One of our kids who was going to be placed on a different team this summer, ended up being placed with us again. He’s been hitting home-runs for us left and right. It’s incredible to be able to see the amount of confidence he’s gained and just how much he has grown since last year.