Q&A with Curtis Thigpen

The city that I love, the game that I love, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Meet Curtis Thigpen and his family. The Thigpens have been faithful donors and champions for RBI Austin over the past 8 years. Hear how Curtis describes what we do and what it means to him.

  • Share with us a little bit about yourself (hometown, college, careers, family).
    I’m from Forney, Texas and attended the University of Texas.  I’ve been married to Natalie for 9 years and we have two daughters, Landon (7) and Elin (5).
  • When and why did you first give to RBI Austin?
    I’m not positive when exactly I first gave to RBI Austin. It was probably in 2010 through either a monetary or an equipment donation.
    I do know I decided to give to RBI Austin because it was a program created to engage with and help develop underprivileged kids in Austin (the city that I love) through the game of baseball (the game that I love) with an approach that is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    There couldn’t be an organization that better aligns with my personal interests!!
  • Why have you continued to give to RBI Austin?
    I’d like to think that this is a mission that I would have continually given to regardless of the “success” that RBI has had over the last 8+ years.
    First, I’ll say that I consider RBI Austin to be an extremely successful organization not by the amazing year-over-year growth of players and money raised, but by the fact that the mission, passion, and heartbeat of the leaders of RBI Austin has not changed since inception. That is a big part of why I continue to give.  Plenty of organizations grow quickly, but very few maintain the level of quality like RBI Austin has.

  • How would you describe our mission? What does it mean to you?
    Engaging with, caring for, and helping support and develop kids, parents, coaches, and volunteers through the game of baseball. Organized sports, in this case baseball and softball, can provide amazing life experiences and can open up so many doors for everyone involved.It’s such a privilege to help provide an opportunity to those who wouldn’t ordinarily have one.
  • What’s your favorite thing about Austin? 
    My favorite thing about Austin is how well-rounded of a city it is…maybe the most well-rounded in the country!  No matter what you are into or what you enjoy, you can likely find it here!  


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