This Spring’s Top Five Immediate Needs

As a donor, your partnership holistically contributes to RBI Austin spanning departments, programs, or projects. You have a unique perspective into our organization that others may not, and we’re grateful for the ways in which you support the various facets of RBI Austin.

We currently have a number of immediate needs across various departments of our organization.  

  1. Summer Volunteers
    We need summer coaches, mentors, umpires, scorekeepers, sound system operators, and concession stand assistants. Another practical way to help with is need is to provide an introduction to your church so we can announce RBI volunteer opportunities at a service.
  2. Referral to a concerete company willing to provide us a deal
    We are planning to install a new batting cage at one of our fields!
  3. Referral to a scoreboard company willing to provide us a deal
    We are hoping to install some new scoreboards!
  4. Storage Space
    We are seeking 500 – 1,000 sq ft of storage space for RBI equipment. Ideally this space will be located in proximity to 183/35 intersection
  5. Team Sponsors 
    We have 2018 Jr. RBI Team Sponsorships available. This is a great opportunity get your corporation, employer, or personal business connected to what is happening on the ball field this summer. View 2018 Jr. RBI Team Sponsorship information.

If you have possible leads for any of the above, please email